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With Creedoo now you can

Interact with your audience
Get real-time questions from your audience. You decide whether to show them or not.
Create poll questions and see real time animated results. Your audience votes using their mobile phones.
Get instant feedback. See how well your audience understands the topic.
Create back slides
Create explanatory (Back) slides. Decide whether to show them or not based on your audience's feedback.
Prepare alternative presentation path. Use presentation fork and change the flow of your presentation.
Make it simply & sexy
Distinguish yourself. Prepare design looking presentation to impress your audience.
Use zooming effects. Show a bigger picture or deep dive into the slide.
It's simple. And we mean it.

Creedoo Users

"I transformed my PowerPoint presentations to Creedoo and suddenly even bit tedious presentation became attractive one."
Ivana, Associate Manager CZ&SK, Merck
"We use Creedoo as an education software. It is easy to receive questions while presenting."
Jozef, Head of the environmental NGO
"With Creedoo I'm able to create stylish visuals. It helped me to get attention of my clients at the very first look."
Ingrid, Designer

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